Research and Academics

A collection of research publications and class reports I have done over the years.


Torsional Oscillator Study for Solid 4 He Growth on Graphite and Graphene from the Superfluid PhD Thesis: This thesis presents experiments for solid 4 He growth adsorbed on graphite and graphene from the superfluid phase at temperatures between 1.65 K and 0.1 K……(see the link on the left to Keio’s archives)
Discontinuous Growth of Solid 4He on Graphene We have studied the growth of solid 4He on multilayer graphene immersed in the superfluid well below the bulk freezing pressure using the torsional oscillator method at temperatures from 1.65 to 0.1 K. Below 1.2 K, the growth of one solid layer is observed as a series of discontinuous steps, each accompanied by energy dissipation. We speculate that the discontinuities result from a series of two-dimensional structural phase transitions of the uppermost solid layer, between several commensurate and incommensurate states.
Layer by Layer Growth of Solid 4 He on Graphite down to 0.1 K The growth of solid 4He on graphite from the superfluid phase is known to occur at pressures well below the bulk solidification point. The number of adsorbed layers increases with pressure and the solid growth undergoes non-continuous layer-by-layer growth at low temperature. We have studied this growth using the torsional oscillator method for isotherms down to 0.1 K. In contrast with simple layer-by-layer growth scenarios, our evidence suggests that the growth of adsorbed solid 4He is more complex and less solid is present on the graphite substrate at low temperature.
(pdf) High Voltage chip Analysis Circuit Presentation of work done on a test circuit for a high voltage chip to be used in astronomy research at the University of Hawaii. The high voltage chip was meant to translate voltages between the (at the time, 2007) new cameras of the PanSTARRS project and the control circuits.
(pdf) (png) Evaluation of the Time of Flight Electronics Upgrade for the Belle Detector at the KEK B-Factory Poster presentation of research related to the Belle Detector located in Tsukuba, Japan in 2006. A test circuit was created for the (at the time, 2006) new readout electronics for the Belle Detector. Readout software for the electronics was developed and installed to a test environment.


(pdfThe Effect of Disposable Personal Income and Housing Prices on the Personal Savings Rate Some people are concerned with the recent decrease in personal savings in America. It has been suggested that factors such as increases in wealth, especially due to housing prices contributes to this decline. To explore this issue, this paper studies the relationship between personal savings and disposable personal income, taking into account the recent rise in housing prices.
(pdfPortfolio Optimization for a Small Investor at Vanguard with Required Withdrawals This paper examines the risk-reward trade-off in the portfolio of an individual investor of Vanguard funds. The investor must pay for living expenses from the investments and conform to the minimum investment amount at Vanguard. The efficiency frontier is found for two situations: one where the investor makes investments and payments in dollars, and one where the investor makes investments in dollars and payments in yen.
(pdfChemical Potential of the Stock Market This paper draws an analogy between a system in thermal and diffusive contact with a reservoir and financial markets. As a result of this analogy, a chemical potential can be defined for the markets. It seems that the moving average of the chemical potential, when averaged over an appropriate window of time, may reach a peak around market bottoms. This is most successfully demonstrated for the 2002 market bottom. The chemical potential of a few individual stocks is also examined.
(pdfStudy of a Theremin Fun measurements on a theremin.
(pdfA Numerical System for Determining Morality Proposal of a simple mathematical formula for judging an action as moral or immoral. The formula is a basic cost/benefit analysis normalized to the per-capita GDP of the country. The theory is most heavily based on the values of Utilitarianism and John Locke’s Second Treatise Concerning Civil Government


Shooting the Moon April 2007
Rocket Motion April 2007
Differential Equations and the Runge Kutta Method March 2007
Monte Carlo Methods March 2007
Monte Carlo Integration February 2007
Random Walks February 2007
Integration of a High Energy Cosmic Ray Spectrum February 2007
(pdf) Gamma-Gamma Angular Measurements October 2005
(pdf) Speed of Light Measurement November 2005
(pdf) Optics Lab December 2005
(pdf) Muon Decay Lifetime March 2006
(pdf) Mossbauer Effect May 2006
(pdf) X-Ray Diffraction May 2006